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Novice traveler

1 review


Flight BA294
Airbus A300

Flight delayed and no connecting flight provided 3.1/10

Flight review on British Airways

“Terrible experience with BA which systematically has flight delays departing from London Heathrow. They can’t care less about the consequences for passengers. They don’t offer (...)” Read more

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a guest


Flight VA4020
Airbus A330-200

Spec.assist 8.1/10

Flight review on Delta Air Lines

“Once again spec. assist in Las Vegas, same as Heathrow, worst service possible, waiting over an hour. The flight was very good, and the crew looked (...)” Read more

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a guest


Flight VA155
Airbus A330-200

Spec.assist 5/10

Flight review on Virgin Atlantic Airways

“Heathrow upper-class check-in, checked in had to inform agent needed spec. assist. Sat for 1hr-30mins, waiting to be taken through security, etc. After several requests to virgin (...)” Read more

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a guest


Flight B61019
Airbus A300
Premium Economy

Appalling, atrocious, awful! 3.1/10

Flight review on JetBlue

“NEVER fly Jet Blue! BOYCOTT at all cost! If you book with one airline and they use Jet Blue for connector find a new flight! (...)” Read more

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Airline rankings

Top rated airlines

1.  Japan Airlines9.7

2.  Swiss9.2

3.  LOT Polish Airlines9.1

4.  Finnair9.1

5.  Oman Air9.0

Best business class

1.  Swiss9.4

2.  Qatar Airways9.4

3.  Delta Air Lines9.3

4.  Emirates9.2

5.  Oman Air9.1

Best economy class

1.  Finnair9.1

2.  LOT Polish Airlines9.0

3.  Swiss8.9

4.  Singapore Airlines8.8

5.  Aigle Azur8.7

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Airport rankings

Best rated airports

1.  Oslo9.1

2.  Amsterdam9.1

3.  Reykjavik8.8

4.  Lisbon - Lisboa8.6

5.  Brussels8.4

Most convenient airports

1.  Oslo10

2.  Reykjavik9.5

3.  Amsterdam9.2

4.  Bordeaux9

5.  Bangkok8.6

Best food / shopping options

1.  Amsterdam9.8

2.  Brussels9.3

3.  Bangkok9.2

4.  Rome Fiumicino9

5.  Toulouse8.3